18 August 2009

Music Hall Backcloth

I was asked to produce (design and paint) a backcloth which was 7 metres x 3 metres, a much more challenging sort of challenge, particularly as I have never before done anything like it, or anything anywhere near as large. A proscenium arch was also required, and two false columns. These were needed by mid July for the grand opening. There was about a month in which to get the work done.

This is the first stage, not too impressive is it..? It might even be upside down, but just wait! This part was quite scary, the beginning often is....

Here is a later stage of the backcloth. All the work was done flat on the ground as it was too bulky and awkward to hang in the space available.

This meant that I could never see the whole thing as it was so large and the light reflected off the plastic surface – previously the cover to a large lorry/truck, with an airline logo in English and Arabic right across the centre. This is a small part of it, held up for me to look at by a couple of friends!

Well, I did say I liked a challenge. It took me 40 working hours in the end, not counting the sketches and thinking time. Fortunately kind friends took over the task of painting straight lines for the simple columns on each side of the stage, and I finished the image for the proscenium arch just hours before it went up! I was away at the time the works were put in place and only saw them when it was too late to make corrections if they were needed. The performers were excellent and the Music Hall was a huge success. Phew!

My little joke!

English bulldog with a French cockerel on his back. I ran out of time, but if there is a next time I might get around to colouring it red white and blue.

On quite a different scale I am now working on illustrations for a book of poetry. It is early days for this, so no pictures yet, still at the ideas stage.

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