15 August 2009

Up & Running

Last year I had work in 2 exhibitions, so lots to do. One of them was a solo show. Anyone who has ever done this DIY fashion will know how much time it takes. And in this case it was short notice, about 4 weeks from the idea to the hanging. Thanks to help from the family and a helpful local framer, it was all ready in time and I was pleased to have sold 16 pieces of work, some of them simply mounted. I try to keep my prices reasonable as I am not D. Hirst or T. Emin!

The other show was a charity event and I sold a picture - a collage, which I had worked on for a number of years. I was rather attached to it. It went to a good home, as a present for a grandson, so that was all right.

The collage was made from some of my own paintings called "Find the Frogs". Here is a part of it.

The frogs were deliberately quite difficult to see....which made it more fun.

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