22 November 2009

Good and Bad News

The Buddhists say you should greet good and bad news in the same way.

After a life time of getting good and bad news one can't be quite sure which is which as anyone who has had a disaster turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them, will know.

This summer a nasty hornet sting which laid me low for a week may have saved me from electrocution by my iron! That's another story.

The recent good news (or, given the foregoing, is it?) was that, thanks to a kind friend who chivvied me into having a go, one of my pictures was chosen out of over 2000, to be shown an exhibition in London for the EAC Art Awards.

It is a collage of many paintings done, or rather partly done over a period of years, and never finished. Either the subject drooped and died, or I had to leave it for weeks and lost the thread, or made a silly mistake, which, with this sort of painting is difficult to correct, and I would therefore put it into a box and forget about it. (It is called filing.)

When 4 people close to me died within a few years of each other, for a time I rather lost the will to create new pictures, and of course there was a lot of boring administration to deal with.

When clearing out I came upon this box of stored, I mean filed, odds and ends and decided to get to work cutting them up, originally to have a stock of unused paper for sketching. Into one box went the nice clean pieces and into the other the cut out flowers and leaves. There were many different scales and colours, a real hodge podge.

Then the idea came to me to carefully trim them with a fine cutting knife and to put them together in some sort of order, and thus was "Floribunda" created. It took a very, very long time, and a great deal of patience. It was also immensely satisfying to re-cycle things that were apparently useless - something that gave one satisfaction.

Here it is, Floribunda:

Now I am going to hassle and hustle you and ask you to please vote for it on the EAC Art Awards website click on it, and scroll to the 2009, all pictures section.


Floribunda is number 37 and I need ALL the votes I can get folks! I will let you know what happens, as I am going to the Opening on December 1st...how could I miss it? Thank you so much to all who have already cast a vote for me.

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