16 November 2009

Not all starts get finished....

Not all starts get finished. By that is meant that one, I, often start a picture or a study and then somewhere along I get disturbed and never get back to finish.
Sketches are very useful. I used to sketch travelling in the car (no, not while I was driving although I have often been thinking about HOW I would paint something, particularly mixing a colour in my head, and then missed a turning, and ended up quite lost.)

As I am rather nervous of cattle I always stay outside the field. They can get very silly at times, just like us, and are also curious.

Moving water is a real challenge and endlessly fascinating. Below I am studying the ripples in a fast stream.

Here is one I did coming home late one evening, it was dusk, light was fading fast. I pulled into the side of the road and worked with whatever materials there were to hand, in this case pen and ink with some colour.

And here is one done on the beach. Even people at rest don't keep still for long, very infuriating, but good for practice of quick sketches.

Here is another working drawing, never finished.....late spring in the garden.

Although I do not work with photos as I find it difficult to extract what I want without copying the picture, I do like to take them, especially when I see something as charming as this tiny chapel set amongst the giant stalks of ripe corn. The leaves were rustling in the wind, and the farmer had very kindly cut a small path through the corn to the chapel.

There were many small birds, feasting on the insects droning in the heat, and on the seeds and on these berries hanging bright and shiny off the large plant, with shocking pink stalks. It was taller than I, but then I am quite small. I don't know what it is, does anyone else please?

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