16 March 2010


… Hovel Copley-May. Thanks to the marvellous efforts of so many friends, and friends of friends, my effort for the www.eacartawards.org.uk reached the giddy heights of 7th place out of 2000. No one is more surprised than I, and I don't think I could have stood the strain of it going any higher. The papparazzi, the interviews for Hello mag etc, my dears, it would have been just TOO much!

The Evening Show was well attended and many people had already been and left when we arrived for the speeches and prize givings. It was very comforting to have family and friends around me.

There were about 100 works on display, some of them technically very accomplished. I reflected at one moment at how many hours must have been spent in total on producing the work. We humans are a strange bunch.

One of the great joys of the evening was to see London at night. It is simply stunning from both sides of the river, and St Paul's looks particularly beautiful as one crosses over to the north side on the Millenium Bridge.

The people organising it must have had an exhausting time, and thanks to them all. Still they managed to remain smiling and charming right to the end when, a week later I went to collect the, unsold (sniff), work.

Marg posted this pic of the artist looking rather pleased.

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