31 August 2010


When I started to really study painting I enjoyed collecting quotations. I still do. Some of the following have their provenance, some do not. It is possible that some of them are my own, but mostly they are too wise or clever for them to have been mine...

I think it was Constable who said "He who is self taught has a fool for a Master."
When I read this, I decided to go to art classes rather than "re-invent the wheel" by my own efforts.

"The idea and the paper - what gets in the way?" I wish I know who said this....

"Painting is not very difficult when you don't know how. But when you know how, ah! Then it is a different matter."
This I can vouch for. Thank you Degas.

"Other birds will fly higher."
Nicely put, Nietsche.

Zen saying "Questioning is answering."

This latest "self portrait" is an amalgam of my own collage (done years ago) and a photo I took recently. I was trying to get to grips with various techniques in Paintshop Pro. It blew my brain, but I got there in the end.

There will be more quotes along the way.....by the way I read that the Dani People of Indonesia have words for only two colours, black and white. That must make life simple. How do they do it?

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