16 May 2011

Apologies and Excuses

Apologies and Excuses, with a Bit of Self Justification.

Over the months since I posted the last blog I have had several reminders from my “Boss” that I should get on and post another.

The last reminder was more or less an order to get on with it.

My excuses are many, here are a few: having health problems; selling a house; moving house; settling down somewhere new; Christmas; bad weather; Easter; good weather for gardening; trying to be useful to friends who need help; lack of ideas… No. This last is not true, it is much more a case of not being able to order my ideas or having too many of them.

Ok. Ok. There have been times when I could have got on with it, but my chosen subject


is one of such magnitude that it could run for years. Don't worry, it won't....

Get ON with it I kept hearing from the Boss!

I haven't been idle though, one project was to design a logo for a great new website. This followed on from on an earlier successful logo design, mentioned in a previous post, for blackbirdebooks. This new logo involved armadillos instead of blackbirds - altogether more exotic beasts and not quite as plentiful, in my garden at least.

It started out like this, after hours spent in the Natural History Museum looking at stuffed ones and learning lots of Armadillo FAQS. The noise from excited kids in the Museum was deafening. It is a wonderful place, one I love to visit. All the architectural details are extraordinary. If you get a chance take a good look at the facade as you go by.

This is how I started......  Here is an early armadillo sketch:

I think it is the 9 banded armadillo.

And here is another, later one:
I am trying to work out how to do the logo: the Armadillo is admiring the portrait of Great Uncle Armadillo, actually it might be Great Aunt Armadillo. With armadillos it is pretty hard to tell.

Eventually it became something like this:

And then this:

To see how it looks now it’s finished, in full colour, visit the new website, although it’s currently only a holding page:

Another occupation has been to design a new Certificate for a garden Society, of which more later.

Writing the blog was rather neglected, but here it is, at last.

And here's an armadillo FAQ just for fun: there are some called Pink Fairy armadillos, living in South America - now nice is that?

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